Daxsen Bank: the new innovation project in digital banking

The Ecuadorian business group Daxsen will launch the new Daxsen Bank, which will bring an innovative model with reduced operational and transactional costs to revolutionize the banking sector.

Its structure will be based on the “New Bank” methodology. This is intended to be a digital bank that will open accounts at no cost and improve banking operations through the management of low-risk online products and services, such as savings accounts, salary advances, and confirming.

With this work system, Daxsen expects its banking entity to double the profitability of national and international banking and solve the problem of Ecuadorian banking to reduce the high operating costs that have caused the closure of 169 agencies during the last 4 years.

Also, Daxsen Bank will adopt this methodology to seek to be a benchmark for digital banking, as has Nubank, which is considered the largest digital bank in the world outside Asia and the largest techno-financial company in Latin America.

To achieve this, the new bank will have few branches, a credit factory that operates without time limits with state-of-the-art technology, and a strong increase in transactional products. The objective is to generate disruptive products and services for international investors and achieve low-cost fundraising through the massification of clients.

Daxsen Bank’s ‘expansionist’ plan

The project will start in 2022 and will have two phases. The first will take place in its first year of operation and will focus on attracting local clients and promoting its products.

The second will begin in the second year of operation and will be aimed at expansion, as Daxsen seeks to generate correspondents in different countries, acquire portfolios from other financial institutions, and expand the transactional network to provide services to third-party institutions.

To carry out all this planning, Daxsen has elaborated a meticulous system for attracting investors where it promises a place in the bank’s directory, a credit card with an open quota available 24/7 for representation expenses, consumption in Bitcoins or Cash, direct access to its international investment and business development division for personal projects and investments, and special conditions for loans.

Its products and services promise disruption in the industry

Daxsen has developed this project to establish a new proposal for banking products that facilitate the client and the entity.

Therefore, it has presented its future innovative products such as the payment button that will allow paying for products or services of large amounts, with different authorization models and securities, on multiple websites or apps using funds available in any bank account, without needing to have a card.

It also announced that it will provide traditional services adapted to digital operations, such as debit cards, credit cards, and merchant cards, with which any brand will be able to have its own credit card issued by a financial institution.

The fintech will also implement a system of OTPs or one-time passwords via email, SMS, and app to provide a second authentication factor in critical transactions.

Daxsen Bank’s mission will be to bring banking operations to the digital world to reduce costs and thus offer better products to its customers.

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